Veevo new collaborator for the 1000 DUNAS 2019. Training plan


9 de August 2019

The Veevo company specializing in physical and mental preparation is a new contributor to 1000 DUNAS raid.

With the idea that the riders arrive in the best state of physical form at the start of our second edition we have developed a training plan for the next three months thought for the Veevo company.

They are routines based on the execution time, therefore, on the intensity that each one of the riders uses in each one of the exercises, since, we are aware that the state of form of all the participants is not the same.

In this way the 1000 DUNAS raid goes one step further in supporting the preparation of the riders

Get ready on our you tube channel 1000 DUNES

Exercises for the month of August at


Veevo new collaborator for the 1000 DUNAS 2019. Training plan

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