The spirit of fair play riders returns to 1000 DUNAS


20 de November 2019

It was around 2014 ago when a social media initiative was born that showed the essence of the riders where there is a maxim: “help today, because tomorrow, maybe, that help you need it”.

This initiative was born from a fact where the solidarity between fellows was not demonstrated in a risky situation; but that fact was silenced by the essence of those riders where the fair play always prevails in the face of any other cause.

And that how two great rider Joan Pedrero and Jaume Betriu demonstrated it in the last stage on Morocco of the 1000 DUNAS 2019.

The finish line of this stage was to the port of Nador which the riders should reach a deadline. If it had not been for the intervention of both pilots (Joan and Jaume) the others 15 riders might have had trouble going on ship, since, a quagmire on the road neutralized  almost all the riders. Joan Pedrero and Jaume Betriu along with the rest of the pilots were who managed to take out all the  riders of there.

For this reason we have considered recovering the spirit of Fair Play Riders for the 1000 DUNAS and awarding a prize to the rider or riders who demonstrate the greatest fellowship during our raid.

Today we have communicated to Joan and Jaume their prize in the middle of their preparation for the Dakar 2020 and this are their answer:

Joan Pedrero: “This award makes me very excited. In the end we are all fellow and I think that in the desert it is obligatory to help and this value is good that be present everywhere, the mountain, the street … I had seen all the riders and I thought “I had to help them”. My way of being is to help all I can. For us were a little effort and for the rest od the riders were a lot, so we did what we should and I will always continue to do ”

Jaume Betriu: “Thank you very much for this award. At that time both Joan and I looked at each other and decided to help because the situation was really quite complicated and there we all together solved it. I am very grateful for this award because it is a sport  value that we cant lose solidarity in our sport and in all sports because we already know that at any time we will need help ”

Thanks to you raiders and congratulations!



The spirit of fair play riders returns to 1000 DUNAS

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