1000 DUNAS RAID SCHOOL, become a raider.


3 de December 2019

Last Sunday, December 1, we started the road of the 1000 RAID SCHOOL DUNES with an off-road technical course for initiated riders who wanted to improve their riding in motorbike. It was the start of a fundamental part of the 1000 DUNAS RAID project that before our second edition we tested with the navigation courses and the physical preparation circuits that the Veevo company carried out for the riders who participated in the 1000 RAID DUNES.

This year, our idea is to give a more complete training that covers physical and mental aspects of the riders, mechanics, techniques and especially navigation. All this to get your challenges and become a raider.

The courses will be located in the province of Granada and apart from the calendar that we will announce we can also give specific courses for minimum groups of five riders for both trail and maxitrail bikes and for enduro bikes with the rally kit or rally bikes .

For more information contact us at raiders@1000dunas.com and grow with us to become a “raider”

#rideyourlimits #becomearaider


The spirit of fair play riders returns to 1000 DUNAS

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