1000 Dunas School

"BECOME A RAIDER" is the foundation of 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL, where we aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge to tackle your challenges and adventures on a motorcycle.

In the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL we understand that a better riding technique and physical preparation of the rider together with good navigation management are the first parameters to be promoted in order to minimize risks and increase your satisfaction as a rider in your adventures.

  "How you train, is how you'll fight" - Miguel Puertas

During the next 2020-2021 season our school will have three main training blocks: riding courses, navigation courses and marathon training.

Marathon Training

Stage training with Miguel Puertas; living the adventure that a marathon stage provides. For entry level riders geared towards improvement in navigation with any type of motorbike.

Coming soon season 20-21 

Navigation courses

For riders with maxitrail, trail, enduro and rally motorbikes who want to start in the world of roadbook navigation or riders who want to improve their level.

Coming soon in Granada

Riding courses

To improve your technique and safety with maxitrail, trail, enduro and rally motorbikes. From beginner to advanced level.