Trail Raiders

The beginnings of modern-day rally raids have a name, and it is TRAIL RAIDERS. This category is designed for riders who want to get their feet wet in the rally raid world with an adventure like the RACERED 1000 DUNAS. This is the category that will allow you to take the jump from guided excursions to exploring and navigating for yourself the world of rally.


2.400€ from 16 August to 15 September

3.200€ – De 1 de Abril a 1 de Junio 2021 (11% descuento)

3.600€ – De 2 de Junio a 1 de Septiembre 2021

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5 features of the Trail Raiders category:

  • Navigation system: GPS or Roadbook
  • Motorbike type: Maxitrail and trail
  • Category: Individual
  • Challenge: 1,500 km of special
  • Average km per stage: First Stage – 120km + 6 stages of an average of 230km

Trail Raiders

What does the PDF include?

Modalidad TRAIL
Modalidad TRAIL


opinion Jaime Lozano

“The RACERED 1000 DUNAS is the most incredible experience I’ve had on a motorcycle in my life. I’ve had every feeling imaginable packed into one week. During this time you only think about the rally, you’re so concentrated on it that you forget about the rest of the world, nothing else exists for you, and when you go back to your normal life, to your day-to-day routine, you are filled with loads of incredible, positive memories.”

Jaime Lozano. Winner of the TRAIL RAIDERS category of 2019’s RACERED 1000 DUNAS