Pro Raiders

If you choose this category, you’ll know you’re making a real jump in class in the rally world. The Pro category is made for riders whose physical preparation and technical skill are high, but who still want to perfect their riding skills at the highest level. If you think you still haven't reached your full potential as a rider, PRO RAIDERS is the category for you.

3.200€ – De 1 de Abril a 1 de Junio 2021 (11% descuento)

3.600€ – De 2 de Junio a 1 de Septiembre 2021

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5 features of the Pro Raiders category:

  • Navigation system: ROADBOOK
  • Motorbike type: Enduro-ready motorcycle or rally motorcycle
  • Category: Individual
  • Challenge: 2,000 km of specials
  • Average km per stage: First stage 120km + 6 stage average of 315 km

Pro Raiders

What does the PDF include?

Modalidad PRO
Modalidad PRO


opinion Fernando Domínguez

“The RACERED 1000 DUNAS gave me confidence. One day that I remember, especially because I had never done it before on a motorcycle, was the first time I rode on the dunes. It was a crazy feeling, and I was instantly mad for it, what a revelation! I’d highly recommend the RACERED 1000 DUNAS rally for any riding enthusiast for the simple fact that I don’t think that right now, there is any test or experience that equals it.”

Fernando Domínguez. PRO RIDER raider ,second place in the Pro category in 2019’s RACERED 1000 DUNAS