Hard Trail Raiders

For those riders who have a high degree of riding skill and don’t want to give up the sturdy, comfortable ride of their maxitrail or trail motorbikes. With this category, you can ride off-course 100% of the time and test yourself against the different types of terrain through which the RACERED 1000 DUNAS passes; without doubt, the best option for the more daring riders of the trail world.


2.600€ from 16 August to 15 September

3.200€ – De 1 de Abril a 1 de Junio 2021 (11% descuento)

3.600€ – De 2 de Junio a 1 de Septiembre 2021

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5 features of the Hard Trail Raiders category:

  • Navigation system: ROADBOOK
  • Motorbike type: Maxitrail (if you have a high riding skill), trail, and classic motorbike
  • Category: Individual
  • Challenge: 1,500 km of special
  • Average km per stage: First Stage – 120km + 6 stages of an average of 230km

Hard Trail Raiders

What does the PDF include?

Modalidad HARD TRAIL


opinion Rafael Rubio

“When I signed up for the RACERED 1000 DUNAS, I had a great deal of doubt about my ability to finish it, but I risked it, and I have to say it was an amazing experience. The RACERED 1000 DUNAS is a rally full of contrasts: between solitude and comradery, between suffering and euphoria, or between the many different terrains we traversed in just one week. This all made for an unforgettable time when I experienced that special feeling of those first motorcycle adventures in Africa."

Rafael Rubio. Rider of the Adventure 2019 category. The RACERED 1000 DUNAS was his first raid.