Elite Raiders

The category made for professional riders or those most audacious of riding enthusiasts looking to push themselves to the absolute limit. It’s a major challenge to finish it due to its length, intensity, and difficulty in navigating. An ideal preparation for those riders who plan to be at the top of the competition in the big two-week rallies like Dakar or The Africa Eco Race.


2.900€ from 16 August to 15 September

2.800€ – Hasta 1 de Marzo 2021 (22% descuento)

3.200€ – De 2 de Marzo a 1 de Junio 2021 (11% descuento)

3.600€ – De 2 de Junio a 1 de Septiembre 2021

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5 features of the Elite Raiders category:

  • Navigation system: ROADBOOK
  • Motorbike type: Enduro-ready motorcycle or rally motorcycle
  • Category: Individual
  • Challenge: 2.500 km of specials
  • Average km per stage: First stage 120km + 6 stage average of 395 km

Elite Raiders

What does the PDF include?

Modalidad ELITE
Modalidad ELITE


opinion Margot Llobera

“The RACERED 1000 DUNAS isn’t a new test for me, but Miguel Puertas exceeds himself year after year, and the truth is it was a real battle for me. The special stages were fantastic; the roadbook was perfect, the stages presented us with a crazy amount of mileage and tricky navigational stretches, we spent 10 hours a day on the bike and each day we arrived at night to the campsite. Also, the route in its entirety was impossible to complete in just a few days, just another test from Miguel to force us to stray from the main course and make us challenge ourselves mentally.”

Margot Llobera. Elite rider, participated twice in 2019’s RACERED 1000 DUNAS.