The Granada Raid is open to all types of motorcycles and is divided into two categories: TRAIL territory and RALLY territory. 

You can participate in either category regardless of the type of bike you have.

No, the GRXRAID is done individually

All categories are made with ROADBOOK navigation to validate the WPs. If you want to experience the GRXRAID with GPS you can do so, but outside of the competition.

If you want to compete and score in the GRXRAID you need: roadbook holder, distance trip, Stella pre-installation kit together with the stand and Stella

If you want to participate in the GRXRAID: GPS, pre-installation kit of the Stella together with its support and the Stella.

Yes, the rental of the Stella is included in the price of the registration. The organization rents it through the company Anube, http://www.anube.es/ which will give a briefing on its use on the day of the verifications.

Fixed tanks that allow you to have an autonomy of 120 km.

You can participate with any type of off-road motorcycle with the autonomy and navigation devices mentioned.

All riders’ belongings will be transported by the organization in two boxes measuring 60 cm x 40 cm x 27 cm, along with a complete set of wheels and a flexible luggage bag (60 l volume).

Each of the registered pilots is sent the "PILOT GUIDE" which includes orientation information regarding which clothes or spare parts needed during the GRXRAID. However, the final decision of "what to wear" is up to each of the registered pilots.

It is mandatory to use back and chest protections, the approved helmet, as well as all the usual protection elements required in a rally-raid. It is recommended to use the cervical collar or neckbrace.

Registration for the GRXRAID includes daily mechanical assistance and wheel changes, if necessary, during the event. This includes the use of heavy tools from the organization's assistance truck.

It does not include partial or complete repair work on the bike due to any type of incident or accident typical of off-road sports events.

El GRXRAID has 5 stages that take place throughout the province of Granada. These stages are developed around three traveling bivouac camps located in Granada, the Costa Tropical and the Gorafe Desert.

The Granada Raid is judged based on 2 factors: endurance and navigation. It is scored from:

 -The kms covered

-the verified wp; and

-the distance travelled over the ideal distance highlighted by the roadbook.

The maximum distance for the categories is as follows:

TRAIL territory: 1.000 km of s.s

RALLY territory: 1.500 km of s.s

You can park your vehicle and trailer with which you arrive in Granada in the facilities of the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL. The parking will be guarded and its price is included in the registration

Yes, the GRXRAID organization will put you in contact with different companies that perform this service so you can participate in the GRXRAID. Once the rider and the rental company are in contact, the management of the motorcycle rental will be carried out between the rider and the rental company.