October 17-22, 2020

Your adventure in Granada


For expert adventure riders

  • The GRXRAID - Granada Raid was born from the essence of the 1000 DUNAS Raid and our values of adventure and self-improvement through a safe riding experience.
  • It is a 6 day competition for trail and rally bikes, where you will enjoy five stages of navigation via GPS or roadbook.
  • A raid that takes place in the province of Granada with bases in three itinerant camps located in the middle of nature.
  • A perfect adventure to connect with your passion, discover a new territory and feel the silence of the utmost essential.

The infinite territory

12,351 km2 of adventure is offered by the province of Granada. A vast and diverse area that makes its territory the ideal place for all off-road lovers.

A territorial heritage that is joined by the cultural heritage left behind by the various civilizations that have settled in the province of Granada throughtout the centuries.

All of this alongside incredible nature and wildlife that has adapted to the most diverse of climates, from the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the Tropical climates found at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Granada.

Granada is, without a doubt, your infinite territory to discover.

If we combine the diversity of terrains, altitudes, and climates with the proven design expertise of Miguel Puertas' roadbooks then we have the recipe for the perfect adventure.

This combination is now within your reach with the GRXRAID, which is judged based on two factors: endurance and navigation. The same conditions being provided to all riders.

The route to be covered will be done with the assistance of the roadbook and a Stella. From thereforth, riders may receive penalties for two reasons:

  • For the kms not covered and the wp not verified; or
  • For the distance covered surpassing the ideal as marked in the roadbook.

The journey

A nomadic raid

After each stage the sunset and evening will be spent in three traveling camps, isolated from the outside world and located in the middle of nature. The camps will be located in the surroundings of Granada, including the Contraviesa region and the Gorafe desert.

Three perfect places to read the orography of Granada, to roll between the sea and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, to approach the bad lands of the Gorafe desert or to discover the old methods of navigation by stars.

Glamourous camping “glamping” sites consisting of 20m2 tents for two people will allow you breathe the best posible atmosphere of motorcycle passion and adventure thanks to the unforgettable attention provided by the entire 1000 DUNAS staff.

Discover Granada
On two routes

1.000 km

(special track)

5 stages 200Km


(All inclusive)

1.500 km

(special track)

5 Stages 300Km



(All inclusive)