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In the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL we work to transmit human values through our passion for adventure and navigation on a motorcycle.

We operate under the principle that better driving technique and the pilot’s physical preparation together with proper navigation management, are the key parameters that must be promoted to minimize risks and increase your satisfaction as a pilot in your adventures.

“My life, since my childhood, has always been marked by overcoming my limits from new challenges.

I am a rider and combat instructor for the Spanish Air Force. I have flown more than 3000 hours in jets like the F-5 or F-18 and I have been an acrobatic pilot of the Águila Patrol for 10 years.

I have 14 years of experience in the off-road world, backed up by eleven participations in the Dakar and three years as sports director of the private off-road team, the Himoinsa racing team”.

4 days of Instruction at the hand of Miguel Puertas

Objective of the Granada Camp

We prepare you to face the most important challenges within the world of raids, always in the best motorcycle environment possible, to disconnect from the routine and connect with adventure.

You will have the opportunity to learn and improve:

  • Riding techniques
  • Motorcycle and rider set up
  • Advanced roadbook navigation techniques
  • Sand driving techniques
  • Road Driving Techniques

What is included

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Photo pack created by the professional photography team
  • Roadbooks
  • Spica Security System



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