Who are we? The team

El 1000 DUNAS RAID se dirige hacia su quinta edición en 2024. Fue un mes de julio del 2018 donde se construyó desde la experiencia y la pasión un raid con vocación de aventura para tres meses más tarde, en octubre del 2018, hacer realidad la primera salida desde Granada hacia lo desconocido.

Three months of preparation and hard work to give life to the 1000 DUNAS RAID. A goal that was achieved thanks to the excitement and perseverance of a great team.

Are you ready?


Hello, Raider! My name is Miguel Puertas, jetpilot for the Spanish Air Force. I have flown more than 3000 hours in jets like the F-5 and F-18 and I have been an acrobatic pilot of the “Patrulla Aguila” for 10 years.

I have also had the privilege of participating eleven times as a motorbike rider in the Dakar Rally, finishing nine consecutive times.

After that period I was the sports director of what, for three years, was the best private team in the off-road world, the Himoinsa Racing Team.

My life since childhood, has always been marked by overcoming my limits from new challenges. Today, I present you part of the team structure that makes the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL, the GRXRAID and the 1000 DUNAS RAID possible.


Safety is a fundamental aspect of any sporting event, adventure or expedition, and a fundamental value within our organization

The development and design of our events allows that control, with great safeguards so that the riders, despite the extreme situations they may face, feel the security of having a team supporting them.

The safety plan is supported by the work of the company FRS, led by Victor Toucedo, together with a group of ten people who coordinate with the race management team of eight people, which is led in tandem by Victor Vazquez and Romano Caviglia.

Race management through communication during the events is provided by the company Anube. Through SPICA security devices in our courses and training of the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL, or through the STELLA III EVO during our competition events.


The logistical structures surrounding the riders within the 1000 DUNAS team has its very own name, and that is Manolo Díaz.

Manolo has accompanied Miguel Puertas since his beginnings as a rider as well with the Himoinsa Racing Team, similar to many other members of 1000 DUNAS.

Now, together with David Sánchez Paños and a team of five others, he is in charge of the vehicles and the materials that allow the movement of our camps in each of the stages of the GRXRAID and the 1000 DUNAS Raid.

Authentic professionals, both on and off the track, who clear the way every day before the riders arrive at the camp in order to have everything ready and to satisfy the needs of the riders.


The mechanical team is under the supervision of the logistics team and together with the race refueling team it exists as the unquestionable support to guarantee you a great experience in our events.

The team of four race mechanics has the function of advising the riders and only in extreme cases, repair. The advice allows the ridersto "learn by doing", something that we consider of great value in the exchange of knowledge that takes place within our raid.

Tomás, Mateo, Miguel, etc., are some of the names that are part of our trusted mechanical team. Alongside them, the refueling team headed by Ricardo and Juanjo, provided by the company Energy Carburantes, allows the riders to continue their adventure both in the GRXRAID and the 1000 DUNAS.


The team that surprises riders the most during the race is without a doubt our gastronomical team, formed by the brothers Miguel and Encarna López.

It is the perfect complement to our events. Their refreshments at the refueling stations are unique and you will not find them in any other event. The capacity and expertise of the gastronomic team are unique and it is truly memorable to taste their food under the stars, by the fire and with the murmur of silence among the mountains of Sierra Nevada in the GRXRAID, or in the desert in the 1000 DUNAS Raid.

Together with these core teams is the rest of our wonderful organization that throughout the year has prepared the courses for the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL,GRXRAID and the 1000 DUNAS. Which are graphically recorded and communicated through our social networks to reach you in the best way possible.

All of them with their own name united under a common passion and giving the best of themselves as part of our philosophy of adventure and firm values.

A team that continues to grow. WILL YOU JOIN?