15 puntos para preparar el 1000 DUNAS Raid 2021

En esta edición 2021 hay seis categorías individuales. Las categorías son CLASICAS, TRAIL, HARD TRAIL, ADVENTURE, PRO y ELITE. También existe una opción de hacer el 1000 DUNAS por equipos de tres pilotos dentro de la las categorías CLASICAS, TRAIL, HARD TRAIL y ADVENTURE.

To decide which category is the most appropriate for a raider, you should consider the following factors:

-The type of motorcycle and navigation equipment you have

Navigation skill level

-Driving skill level

- Level of physical preparation.

The right combination of these four factors will make you allow you to live the 1000 DUNAS more intensely. If you have any doubts about your choice, please contact us at raiders@1000dunas.com

This category was born for the riders who want to share and support each other during the 1000 DUNAS RAID. The teams of the TEAM RAIDERS category have the following characteristics:

-This is an option only for the CLASSICS, TRAIL, HARD TRAIL and ADVENTURE categories.

-Teams must be of three riders and can be mixed

-To score in the final classification, all riders must finish the challenge together

- It is a category where teamwork is valued

All the categories are made with paper ROADBOOK.

In the CLASSICS and TRAIL RAIDERS categories you need: GPS, Stella pre-installation kit together with its support and the Stella.

In the HARD TRAIL, ADVENTURE, PRO and ELITE categories you need: roadbook holder, distance trip, Stella pre-installation kit together with its support and the Stella, this option is also possible for the CLASSICS category.

Stella III Evo GPS or similar navigation system rent included
Fixed tanks that allow you to have an autonomy of 160 km, you can solve the lack of autonomy with only one big tank or with the incorporation of complementary rear tanks. You must guarantee a minimum capacity of 15 liters.

You can participate with any type of motorbike with the tank and navigation devices mentioned. We recommend the following classifications according to the category you choose:

In the CLASSIC category: as the name indicates, for veteran off-road bikes

In the TRAIL category: specially designed for Maxi-Trail bikes, Trail bikes

In the HARD TRAIL category: intended for Maxi-Trail bikes if your riding technique level is very high and Trail bikes

In the ADVENTURE category: for Trail bikes or classic bikes (if your riding technique level is very high), Enduro bikes with kit rides or rally bikes.

In the PRO and ELITE RAIDERS categories: enduro motorcycle with kit rally or rally motorbike.

In the case that you are a rider with a very high level of riding, very good physical preparation and you with strong navigation know how, then you could select a TRAIL bike these categories.

All riders’ materials are transported in two boxes measuring 60 cm x 40 cm x 27 cm high, a complete set of wheels and a flexible luggage bag (60 l volume). In addition, for use in the super marathon stages: 1 tent, 1 sleeping bag and 1 mattress.

Each of the registered riders is sent the "RIDER'S GUIDE" with the orientation information about the clothes or spare parts needed during the 1000 DUNAS. But the final decision of "what to wear" is up to each of the registered riders.

It is mandatory to use back and chest protections, the approved helmet, as well as all the usual protection elements required in a rally-raid. It is recommended to use the cervical collar or neckbrace.

90% of the riders perform the mechanics on their motorbike themselves; but this does not mean that this is the only option, you can also sign up with your personal or hired assistance.

On behalf of the organization we provide a service of mechanics during the race that will advise you at all times if you do not have assistance, as well as a wheel changing service that in the previous edition was provided by DUNLOP.

The 1000 DUNAS has 7 stages: 2 in Spain and 5 in Morocco.

The start and finish of the race are in the city of Granada. The number of km of special stages that are done daily depends on the category you sign up for. The first stage is the shortest with 120 km of specials which is similar across all categories.

The estimated average km of each stage and by category is as follows:

CLASSICS,TRAIL , HARD TRAIL and ADVENTURE: common challenge of 1.500 km of specials, with a design of an individual route for the type of motorbike of each category. Km average of specials, 120km + 6 stages of 240 km

PRO: challenge 2,000 km of specials. Km average of specials 120km + 6 stages of 315 km

ELITE: challenge 2,500 km of specials. Km average of specials 120km + 6 stages of 395 km

To all of these specials kms we must add the km of the liaison section.

There are two possible parking options:

-One, in the parking lot of the hotel or hotels recommended by the 1000 DUNAS; and
-Two, if the dimensions of your vehicle are too big for the hotel parking lot, you can park in the 1000 DUNAS SCHOOL facilities

In both options the parking will be guarded and its price is not included in the registration

Yes, the organization of the 1000 DUNAS will put you in contact with different companies that perform this service so that you can participate in the 1000 DUNAS. Once the rider has been put in contact with the rental company of their choice, the management of the rental process will be between the rider and the motorbike rental company.

TO REGISTER THIS IS YOUR LINK: https://1000dunas.com/inscripcion/  

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT US AT: competitors@1000dunas.com