19 - 26 OCTOBER 2024

Ride Your Limits

Ride Your Limits


Este evento de rally raid exclusivo para motos te llevará a recorrer el deslumbrante desierto de Marruecos en una competición basada en la resistencia y la navegación. Es una aventura que desafía tus límites, una experiencia humana de superación y un reto competitivo para todos los amantes de las motos de rally y los raids, al estilo del legendario Dakar.

El objetivo de 1000 DUNAS es convertirse en el referente internacional de los rally raids de motos y en el desafío deportivo más importante en el mundo del motor. Este rally ha sido diseñado para que pilotos amateur y profesionales compitan en igualdad de condiciones, siendo un verdadero test para demostrar sus habilidades en pilotaje, navegación y resistencia.

En 1000 DUNAS, no importa si eres un piloto novato o un experto experimentado, todos tienen la oportunidad de participar y enfrentarse a este desafío épico. Las normas competitivas han sido cuidadosamente diseñadas para buscar al piloto más completo, aquel que domine el arte del pilotaje, tenga habilidades de navegación excepcionales y posea una resistencia inquebrantable.

Join us on this thrilling journey through the dunes and breathtaking landscapes of Morocco. Push your own limits, challenge nature and live an experience that will be etched in your memory forever. Get ready for the 1000 DUNAS, where your passion for motorbikes and rallies will become a thrilling and adrenaline-filled reality!


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1000dunas raid
1000dunas raid marruecos

Ride Your Limits


The course is designed specifically for motorbikes. No buggies, no cars, no trucks. It is a more winding, more technical route. We repeat, "ONLY FOR MOTORCYCLES".

This way, the rider enjoys riding more, the navigation is more technical and most importantly, the average speed is lower, making it the safest rally in the world.

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6 etapas íntegras en Marruecos y 1 etapa en España. Disfruta de los áridos y desérticos paisajes y déjate llevar por el recorrido que te hemos preparado.


One of the rallies with the most kilometres of special stages in the world. Depending on your category, you will cover between 1,500 and 2,700 km of special stages.


Choose Yours

The 1000 Dunes is a Raid for all pilots where you can choose your level of difficulty. Each rider must choose his category according to his level of riding, navigation and endurance. Each driver chooses the challenge he wants to overcome.

After each day the pilots have our team of advisors at their disposal and each new stage is an opportunity to learn.


Esta edición tenemos la ilusión de volver a ver en pista a las auténticas reinas de África: las motos del rallye Paris-Dakar que envenenaron nuestros sueños de juventud. Hemos preparado un recorrido apto para todos los públicos y mecánicas. Contarán con la ayuda del GPS y el roadbook será opcional. Igualmente, como pilotos llevarán el mismo sistema de tracking validación de waypoint, el Stella Evo.


Aimed at drivers looking for a BRUTAL challenge in the world of rally-raid. It is the toughest course in a motor rally. All the drivers in this category will have to fight against themselves to finish, no matter what their experience or level. The FINISHER ELITE medal will be a recognition of courage and effort. Reaching the finish line will taste like a victory.


For experienced riders who want to experience the sensations of a real raid. It requires a level of effort similar to that needed to finish a Dakar. Do you want to measure yourself to know what the experience is like? Of course, the navigation is very TOP. The route is more technical, more fun and with very few links.


For those riders who are new to rallying in the desert. With kilometres and technical difficulty of the terrain accessible to amateur pilots, but maintaining a medium-high technical level of navigation. Designed to enjoy and learn everything you need to know about the world of rally-raiding.

Hard Trail

200K !!!! This category is exclusively for riders with bikes weighing 200 kilos (including fuel). Traversing the desert on a 200K is no easy task. It requires a good level of riding on all types of terrain to enable you to tackle the different difficulties of each stage with ease. Navigation at !!!!! The style will be similar to the old Dakars, but the route will be more winding.


Easier, more accessible, for everyone. For inexperienced riders who want to improve and improve themselves. There are 7 full stages in the 1000 DUNAS style. You will ride through incredible places surrounded by TOP riders. To be a finisher you will have to complete all the kilometres of the rally. The help of GPS is allowed and all the riders will carry the same tracking and waypoint validation system, the STELLA EVO.


Ride Your Limits


21 - 28 OCTOBER 2023


STAGE 1 > CAP 180

The fourth edition of the 1000 DUNAS will take place from 22nd to 28th October 2023. The start will be from the mythical city of Granada, which has already been the start of several editions of the Dakar Rally. The riders will embark by ferry to cross the Alboran Sea in the direction of the African continent once the caravan reaches the port of Nador. CAP 180 From here the raid heads south to cross the Plateau de Rekkam for the first day, ending at an isolated 1000 DUNAS bivouac in the middle of the Moroccan plateau.


The second stage continues south to the mythical Erg Chebbi, the nerve centre of the event, where the assistance teams will stay for 4 days.

STAGE 3 and 4 > 100% MARATHON

The third and fourth special stages will define our DNA, a 2-day PURE MARATHON stage. Riders will have ZERO ASSISTANCE, and will only be able to repair their bikes with the tools and spare parts they can carry in their vehicles. Conserving material will be the key to this experience of endurance and self-sufficiency.


THE THIRTEEN PEAKS The fifth stage will be marked by the great dunes of the erg Chebbi. The riders in the ELITE category will have to prove their talent in dune-crossing, as they will have to navigate across the peaks of the 13 highest dunes of the erg. The start will be Le Mans style, in line for all competitors, ¡¡¡¡¡BRUTAL!!!!!

STAGE 6 > CAP 360

The sixth stage starts with super technical navigation in the dunes and then heads north towards the entrance to the mountains, with navigation through the most varied terrain of the rally.


Stage 7 will be a stage to watch out for, the navigation will be HIGH LEVEL and the winner will have to wait to be crowned. The options are open all the way to the finish. Everything will be up in the air until the arrival in the city of Melilla, where the podium awaits all the riders. The following day, the caravan returns by ferry, united to Andalusia where we will say goodbye to all the teams who will leave for their places of origin. Just Worry About Riding
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Preocúpate sólo de pilotar


In the 1000 DUNAS we offer different types of assistance.

Ask us how you can hire it and live this adventure like a PRO. Rest after the special and let an assistance team set up your bike so that your only concern is to ride and exceed your limits.

Contact us if you need more information about the assistance teams. 

Asistencia en el 1000dunas
Asistencia Buggy Master Team

Professional team led by Eudald Noé, dedicated to rally preparation and assistance.


Logotipo nomadas adventure

Nomadas Adventure is a rally service team that aims to help riders achieve their dreams of rally racing.


Asistencia Pedregá

Pedregà Team is a team of enthusiasts, whose mission is to keep alive the authentic the authentic rally culture alive.


Logotipo Joyride

Get ready to challenge the desert with JOYRIDE RACE SERVICE. All you have to worry about is driving.

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A partir del 30 de junio la inscripción al 1000 DUNAS RAID sube de precio.