Corral & Vargas Adventure team go to 1000 DUNAS RAID 2019


15 de July 2019

The Granada company and dental clinic Corral & Vargas has decided to make a team of two riders to venture into the world of raids and especially in the 1000 DUNES. And not just any team, but a team of veterans bikes in the purest romantic spirit of Thierry Sabine, a Yamaha XTZ 600 Teneré and a Gilera RC 600 driven by Mario Montoro and Manuel Cañada respectively both organizers of the Veterenas off road route

Mario Montoro: “The 1000 DUNAS raid seems to me a fascinating challenge to return to Africa in a way that I had not done before, within a raid with the characteristics of a great adventure that will be even greater to go with our two incredible veterans bikes. The adventure within the adventure.

I am very happy for the challenge that we face but also because a company from Granada such as Corral & Vargas, an enterprise external to the motor world, supports us and the minority motor world. We will not disappoint you! ”

Manuel Cañada: “For me the 1000 DUNAS raid will be a time to break the daily monotony. I know that we are going to live hard moments and above all good times that will be even more accompanied by Mario. That the company Corral & Vargas de Granada support us is a great responsibility and we are going to put all our heart in this adventure”

As Mario Montoro has said, it is the adventure about the adventure and that we should all be very grateful to Corral & Vargas for this bet, without a doubt, an example of a company to follow.


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Corral & Vargas Adventure team go to 1000 DUNAS RAID 2019

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