1.-How many categories are there in the 1000 DUNES and in which one can I participate?

In this 2020 edition there are four individual categories. The categories are ROOKIE, ADVENTURE, PRO and ELITE. Also in the ROOKIE and ADVENTURE categories there is the option to make these  in teams of three riders.

2.-How is the TEAM RAIDERS category?

This category is born for riders who want to share and support each other during the adventure of the 1000 DUNAS RAID 2020. The teams must be of three riders, they can be mixed, to score the whole team must finish the challenge together. Their registration has a special prize of 2,100 euros per rider in the current rate, the PROMO RAIDERS.

3.-Can I participate with GPS or only with ROADBOOK?

In all categories the navigation system is with ROADBOOK, except the ROOKIE RAIDERS which is with GPS

4.-What navigation elements are necessary to participate?

In the ROOKIE RAIDERS you need: GPS, Stella pre-installation kit with the bracket and the Stella. In the ADVENTURE, PRO and ELITE categories you need: roadbook holder, distance trip, Stella pre-installation kit with the bracket and the Stella.

5.-What autonomy do I need on my motorbike for the 1000 DUNAS RAID 2020?

Fixed deposits that allow you to have a range of 160 km.

6.-With what type of motorcycle can I participate?

You can participate with any type of motorcycle with the tank and the navigation devices mentioned. We recommend the following classification according to the category you choose:

In ROOKIE and ADVENTURE RAIDERS: Trail, veteran (classic) motorbikes, enduro motorbike with rally kit or motorbike rally.

In PRO and ELITE RAIDERS: motorbike enduro with rally kit or motorbike rally.

7.- What material does the organization transport?

All riders are taken with the following luggage: two boxes measuring 60 cm x 40 cm x 27 cm high, a complete set of wheels and a flexible luggage bag. Also and for use in the supermarathon stages: 1 tent, 1 sleeping bag and 1 camping sleeping pad

8.-What clothes should the rider wear and what material should the rider carry in their boxes?

Each of the registered riders will receive the “RIDER GUIDE” with the guidance information on the clothing or spare parts needed during the 1000 DUNAS. But the final “what to wear” decision is for each of the registered riders

9.-What technical equipment should each pilot carry?

The use of dorsal and pectoral protections, the approved helmet as well as wearing all the usual protection elements in a rally-raid is mandatory. The use of the neckbrace is recommended

10.- Is there mechanical help?

90% of the riders perform the mechanics of their motorcycle. You can also sign up with your personal or contracted assistance. From the organization we give a service of mechanics in the raid who advise you at all times if you haven´t assistance. There is a service of change of wheels that in the last edition was provided by DUNLOP.

TO SIGN UP : https://1000dunas.com/inscription/?lang=en

MORE INFORMATION: competitors@1000dunas.com

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